Fundraiser for Final Veterinarian Expenses

Rest In Peace, Bumi 😢
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Fundraiser for Bumi

(pronounced “boom-e”)

It Was a Hit and Run…

At approximately 11:30am on Monday, March 1st, Bumi was out for a walk with a family member by the creek when he suddenly bolted for the nearby road (something he doesn’t normally do).  As he bolted into the road he was hit by a car.  The driver of the car did not stop.

Thankfully, the adult owner was there to act fast and get him immediately to the Veterinarian.

Bumi suffered a broken leg had to wait for surgery as the vet was waiting to make sure that he could empty his bladder and bowels.

He received surgery on Thursday, March 4th.  The surgery was 2.5 hours long and the vet found the injuries to be worse than the x-ray showed.  The femur was completely shattered.  The surgery went well, but then he crashed and the vet tried to save him, but could not.

The family is brokenhearted.  Bumi was well-loved and adored.

 Thank YOU for the donations that have came in!  We are truly humbled.  If you still wish to donate, you may donate DIRECTLY to Blue Ridge Veterinary Hospital by calling 540-745-3800 and let them know it’s for Bumi!  Thanks!

A Girl And Her Dog

Bumi was the beloved pet of Ariana who had been wanting a puppy for very long time.  They searched to find just the right little puppy who needed a loving home.  She had been working to train him as all puppies need and enjoyed sprints in the meadow and around the house and playing in the creek.

Adopting a pet is a lot of responsibility and Ariana excelled with those responsibilites.  She is obviously very heartbroken.

Ariana was able to visit him while he awaited surgery and lavished him with attention and hugs in the sunshine.  Even while we don’t know the final tally of the medical bill, the family is humbled by the love our community has shown to help with the expenses.  Blue Ridge Veterinary Hospital graciously allowed us to direct donations there, so all links on this page will prompt you to call them where you can then designate a donation for Bumi.

If you’d still like to help… ANY donation would still be sincerely appreciated.  And if you are of the faithful type, your prayers for healing of hearts and comfort through the grief would be appreciated as well.

Bumi’s life may have been very short, as he was still very much a puppy… but he was well loved and brought joy not only to his owner, Ariana, but also her mom and brothers and sisters.  Rest in peace sweet Bumi.

StudioThought Marketing & Design is conducting this fundraiser in hopes of being able to help Bumi’s family out with his medical expenses.  All funds collected through PayPal are being sent to the family. 
Any additional donations are requested to be made directly to Blue Ridge Veterintary Clinic & Hospital.