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Small Town Floyd Girl is about showcasing

our small, wonderful town

to both residents and visitors.

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Who is the Small Town Floyd Girl?

Small Town Floyd Girl is Teresa Martin who has lived in Floyd County her entire life.  She is a Floyd native who has taken interest in promoting the county and its attractions to both visitors as well as residents.

What is "Small Town Floyd Girl"?

Small Town Floyd Girl was started by StudioThought as a YouTube channel with the mission of highlighting activities and businesses within the area for both visitors and residents.  By visiting businesses and attending events within the county and documenting them via video, it is her hope the YouTube channel will become a “go-to” place to search and learn about all things Floyd.

What If I Have An Event I Would Like Covered?

While we can’t guarantee coverage of every event, we welcome you to contact us to see if we can cover yours.  Sometimes Teresa is looking for something fun for her and her family to do and she will just show up for the fun and record too!

I Love Floyd

“I’ve lived in Floyd my entire life and don’t have a desire to live anywhere else.  I love the country and quiet.  Floyd is a unique eclectic community that I just don’t think you’ll find any where else.”

“I believe small businesses to be the backbone of our country and I’m so glad to see our Economic Development Authority to offer programs and grants to help businesses get started here in the county.  I love seeing business blossom and grow and thrive here in Floyd.”