Marketing… with emphasis on Facebook

You are a business owner and likely have many “hats” to wear.  You’ve created and ran an ad on Facebook and got a few likes and maybe even a share.  But did that equate into a sale?  Or a new client?  How do you measure that?  You see things like “Reach” and “Impressions” but what does it all really mean?

If you’re tired of trying to figure it all out and would like some help or to learn some “secrets”, contact Teresa Martin to discuss ways in which you can have people ringing your phone or asking for you to call them!

Get a Better Response From Your Facebook Ads

Teresa and her peers have been getting great results on campaigns for gyms, chiropractors, yoga studios, massage studios and more. Most recently she achieved the following results:

  • helping a brand new festival sell nearly 100 tickets in one weekend
  • helped increased web traffic by 40% with a the first single FB ad
  • last FB ad promoted a Flash-Sale and helped DOUBLE traffic to the website
  • one of the recent campaigns achieved 273 website clicks, 703 engagement clicks and over 40,000 impressions


    Do you need funnels set up?  Email marketing?  We’ve got you covered!  Call today to discuss or fill out a request via our contact form.  Facebook advertising service includes:  Design/Write Ad, Set-up of Corresponding Landing Pages, Set-up Forms for Email Collection for Continued Marketing, Monitor Campaign for best ROI, Recommended Ad Spend

      Website Design

      • Responsive Design
      • Incorporate Branding
      • SSL included With EVERY Site
      • Maintenance & Improvements
      • Security Measures

      Email Campaign

      • Setup email sequence marketing campaigns

      Video Production

      • Simple Video Production
      • Referral For Larger Projects

      Graphic Design

      • Business Cards
      • Brochures
      • Newsletters
      • Pop-Up Banners, etc.

      Social Media Management

      • Initial Facebook Page Setup
      • Monthly Facebook Content Management and Curation
      • Social Media Campaign:  design a total campaign for all your various platforms such as posting via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (if you have video), Google+, Pinterest, SnapChat, and others as needed.  Monthly fee based upon how many outlets you have and discounted if booked for 3 or more months.

      Advertising Campaigns

      • Design/Write Ad
      • Set-up of Corresponding Landing Pages
      • Set-up Forms for Email Collection for Continued Marketing
      • Monitor Campaign for best ROI
      • Recommended Ad Spend

      Blogging Services

      • Custom Design
      • Writing/Editing Content
      • Ghostwriting Extensive Posts

      Talk To Us About Your Project

      Tell us about your project and let us help guide you towards the goals you seek!