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Jump Start Pack

You’ve been waiting for the day to RE-OPEN, but ARE YOU READY?

If you haven’t been talking to your audience much…

If you’ve just been waiting on direction…

Then your business likely needs a JUMP START!

Let Us HELP! 

Are You Ready?

Your Small Business CAN Survive
This Pandemic… AND GROW!

Many small businesses began this year with high hopes.  Never would we have dreamed that we would have such a NIGHTMARE on our hands as we do with the Covid-19 pandemic.

BUT… there is good news… Amercia has proven over and again, that WE THE PEOPLE will survive and overcome!

When everything came to a halt… many didn’t know WHAT to do.  For some businesses, they were able to change and adapt to new guidelines; and while some experienced maintaining their revenue (and even in a few cases surged because of loyal repeat customers), others still experienced revenue… though it was much reduced.   For others, their hands were somewhat tied due to the guidelines of the shutdown and had to take losses, apply for relief help and simply WAIT….


If you’ve spent these past few weeks tending to your family and being the rock they needed… then you are a RockStar!

If you’ve spend these past few weeks being a RockStar to your family AND  have been generating ideas and waiting… then you are a Super RockStar!

Either way… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  If you’ve got ideas, it’s time to transform them into plans!  If you’ve been waiting, not knowing WHAT to do… that’s okay, too.  I’ve got some ideas to help, and  And NOW it’s time to hook up the jumper cables and jump start your business BACK into Success!

Check Out Our Re-Open Special!

Regular $500/mo

NOW Just $300/month

Package Includes…

  • Social Media Calendar Creation
  • Multiple Social Media Postings Every Week
  • Grow You Audience
  • Establish Relationships With YOUR Audience
  • Video For Social Use


  • Reach More People
  • Increase Page Likes/Followers
  • Gain Trust From Your Audience 

“I believe small businesses to be the backbone of our country.  I love seeing business blossom and grow and thrive.  When my clients are successful, then I feel successful.

– Teresa Martin

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I’m an Entreprenuer at heart.  I believe small businesses are the backbone of America.  It’s the American Dream to own your own business and be in control of your own success.  I help and teach small businesses the beginning steps to digital marketing so that they can have an added edge in ensuring their own success.

Whether you are wanting to learn in order to do it yourself, or just want to hire someone  to do it for you, I believe I can help.  I am successful, when my clients have success!

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