April 5, 2011

Katie Bug Quilting Website Redesign

About five years old and growing, Katie Bug Quilting offers numerous specialty quilt products. Katie Bug Quilting transforms your favorite tee shirts, award ribbons, ball caps or neckties, photos transferred to fabric, any of those precious memories of special days and times that you want to preserve, to create new, quilted heirlooms that will keep you and your family and loved ones warm in body and spirit for years to come.

StudioThought LLC was hired to enhance SEO as well as bring a more human touch to the company website. The end result produced a “WOW” factor from owner Cathie Ostermann. See below comparison between old design and StudioThought’s creative redesign.

Katie Bug Quilting website Comparison

Comparison between current redesign and old Katie Bug website

Not only has the new design enhanced Katie Bug Quilting’s image, brand, and general functionality of the site, StudioThought LLC has also increased site traffic as well as ease in customers finding the business through search engines due to SEO optimization.

Visit their site today at