Enhancing our client’s image is our mission at StudioThought, LLC

Through stunning visual imagery and interactive web interfaces, we make our clients shine while helping to reduce costs. StudioThought, LLC specializes in high-end product and architectural visualization as well as virtual photography with over 27 years cumulative experience!

Teresa Martin - Owner, 3D Visualization - Modeling & Animation

Teresa Martin

1spacerTeresa Martin
Owner, Web Design / Marketing / 3D Modeling & Animation


Teresa has been producing architectural 3D renderings, animations, and interactive designs for over 14 years. Modeling of highly detailed objects within an interior space is her specialty. Furniture, office equipment, appliances, etc. can be modeled to near exact detail. Teresa also creates non-repetitive materials for texturing of objects, adding realism to the scene.

Teresa’s background has been in graphic and web design.  She has also done freelance writing for local and national magazines.  She has a heart for small businesses and wants to help them succeed in their marketing efforts and online presence.

Some of Teresa’s interests, talents and skills include (but are not limited to) singing, writing, classic cars, multi-tasking, Adobe InDesign training, serving on the board for Replenish Ministries, Inc. and helping coordinate Replenish Festival. ( phone: 540.239.3462 )

Certified Content Marketing Specialist    

Stephen Smiroldo - Owner, 3D Visualization - Lighting & Texturing


Web Developer / HubSpot Marketer

Stephen has over 20 years experience developing websites and managing digital marketing. He also has experience managing hosting and MySQL databases, enabling dynamically database-driven websites and eCommerce. He also has experience utilizing HubSpot for email marketing, lead generation, drip campaigns, and other automated marketing workflows.

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